Old School Leather Company

Old School Leather Company

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Here you will find links to our finished handmade leather goods as well as our personal favorite suppliers. At our art shows, customers often tell us there is nowhere to get supplies since Tandy shut the doors to their retail stores. This simply is not true. You can still order from the Tandy warehouse via their website; however, Tandy has been bought by The Leather Factory, and the quality of most "craftool" tools is miles away from what Tandy used to offer. We have a Leather Factory warehouse in driving distance of our house. We buy our Fiebing's dyes and finishes there to avoid Hazardous Materials shipping charges. We also buy our 2/3 oz. and 3/4 oz hides at Leather Factory. It is nice to be able to hand select these hides as they are imports and the quality of individual hides can vary drastically. Below are our links to our personal favorite suppliers of quality hardware, tools, machinery, and other supplies.

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Links to our finished Handmade Leather Goods


Find top quality hides in a variety of cuts and finishes - the same hides we use! at RJF Leather Co.

For everything you will find at Tandy Leather Factory with the added attention to customer service as well as quality, check out Zack White Leather


Solid brass harware as well as hard-to-find harware and accessories are readily available at Ohio Travel Bag


Top quality tools, supplies, hardware and customer service available at Weaver Leather

Tandy Leather still exists! They are now Tandy Leather Factory


Many of the tools we use are antique and discontinued. Find a deal on these tools and just about anything else at eBay


Find more links that may be of interest to you at our retail web site: Old School Leather Links